Port Problems with 50% of the largest ISPs Resolved by Cogent
Posted on Mon Jun-06-16
Cogent Communications’ CEO Dave Schaeffer told investigators that half of the ISPs it interconnects with are now congestion free, but there’s still plenty of work to do. The service provider has made continual progress in driving U.S. and European broadband providers and large ISPs to upgrade their last mile ports to support traffic from customers to consumers. Orange, a European provider, has upgraded their core network capacity, but they still face congestion and don’t currently have an agreement with Cogent. Other privoders are still upgrading and congested in some places, but have signed an agreement to upgrade. Within the last year, Cogent has accumulated agreements with AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Time Warner/Charter Communications to alleviate congestion and traffic issues. All are now congestion free. As providers progress in relieving congestion, Cogent may see new traffic and revenue growth, and due to the provider’s pricing strategy, they can look forward to taking advantage. (Kat Wallace,